Greene: Argument as Conversation

Greene’s argument actually made me want to do research on SOMETHING.  The way he supports his position or “frame” makes doing research seem like something more than a boring addition to writing a paper: he makes it seem like an exciting part of becoming more engaged.  Before Grant-Davie, I have never considered writing as a type of conversation or dialogue.  Greene solidified this by further explaining and simplifying this opinion.  I used to consider writing as more of a type of lecture, because you don’t get a response.  This view of mine was completely ignorant, because you are always receiving responses, even though they may not always be direct.  I knew that blogging evokes response, but until I read Andrew Sullivan’s “Why I Blog” I never considered it a valid form of writing.  I like how Greene uses Burke’s comparison of a research “argument” to a conversation in a parlor that is started well before you enter and continues long after you leave.  That made everything piece together and it makes a research paper seem more interesting, because I am someone who enjoys talking about different issues.  It makes writing seem more enjoyable now that I know it’s not a one sided argument but an ongoing conversation.


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  1. Angeline Chau
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 17:34:23

    I would have to completely agree with you on the idea that Greene really does evoke a different perspective towards writing. I never thought of writing as a way of stating an argument, rather as a way of different expressions besides an argument. But I do understand that people can present arguments through writing, I just did not take into account the idea that Greene explained. As you said, the perspective of doing research places a positive impact on me to think of research as a useful way of adding on to my thoughts and opinions. I would take into consideration the research I do to better understand the topic as well as develop my own way of thinking to put on paper. The whole idea of writing being a conversation is great from what Greene said and I totally agree with you!


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